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Andree Santini

 I love encouraging positive imagination, balanced movement, and

playful creativity.

I write, illustrate, and teach yoga, and have spent my life caring for children, creating for children, and teaching children of all ages (0 to 85+) to move from their center with balance, flexibility, strength, and ease. I’ve also been inventing new art products for children for over 25 years. Several years ago I even invented crayons that could bounce (alas, not everyone thought this was a great invention, and they were never sold). 

I enjoy creating stories worth retelling. Sometimes the story creates the pictures, and other times a picture inspires the story. It’s fun to see how the characters and story develop beyond what I originally imagine.


I love spending time with children, family, friends, and meeting new people. I love the beach, nature, animals, playing the sax, moving often in healthy ways, learning new things, helping people smile...and getting upside down daily.

I also love mail, so please write to tell me what you love, to inquire about my illustrating and teaching, or to invite me to your school or to the beach. Just please send me lots of happy mail. Thanks!

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​Here's a selfie of me when I'm not working or creating.

All pictures and text © 2017 by Andree Santini.

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