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A member of SCBWI since 2014, I enjoy creating stories and pictures that encourage mindfulness and joy. Sometimes the story creates the pictures, and other times a picture inspires the story. It’s fun to see how the characters and story develop beyond what's originally imagined. Intimate with the creative process, I also love making quick illustrations and musings to promote creativity, which I share on my blog

Working as an art product development chemist for 25+ years, I learned to draw and paint while testing thousands of exploratory formulas. Of my many children's art material inventions, I once concocted drawing markers that erased with a rubber eraser off paper; crayons that could bounce; and modeling dough that could stretch all the way across a room. Though creating mostly in the lab and holding 7 patents with others pending, some of my proudest accomplishments were having my artwork used on select Crayola and Big Yellow Box packages. Mostly a self-taught artist, I've also studied drawing with Sean Delonas, watercolors with Ann Lindsay and Dana Van Horn, and illustration with Chuck Vlasics and Sean Delonas.

Teaching and practicing yoga and mindfulness are what nourish my creative spirit and inspire my art and writing. Besides illustrating, writing, and teaching, I also enjoy spending time with family, friends, the beach, nature, and playing the sax. 

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