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Andree Santini

I'm happiest and most balanced when

I move often, in new ways, and

from my heart and strengths.

Scientists have proven we're healthiest when we sit less and change our posture frequently. Here's a few moves you might like to try. If you've been sitting a long time, you can stand, walk, run, skip or jump. You can do squats or press your feet and hands into the floor to feel more grounded. You may like to take a shape like warrior, plank, or lunge to feel strong, or maybe you prefer a gentle twist to squeeze out stress. You can stand on one leg to feel balanced, fold forward to feel calmer, or get upside down to see a different view. While moving, listen to your gentle breathing to lead you. Afterwards, maybe try doing nothing and get very still for a bit. Now how do you feel?

Please always move in the way that's best

for you now, and never in ways that hurt.

Happy Balanced Kids (0-99+) Move Every Day.

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