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I wrote Together at Heart While Apart: A Message of Hope in the simplest way possible to help kids process the collective trauma, uncertainty, grief, and fear resulting from COVID-19. While many of us are apart, we need to feel secure and healthy, and keep enjoying life, strengthening, learning, creating, trusting, and hoping. We can embrace our vulnerability and rise up to our highest humanity, being joyful, loving, kind and sharing.


When We're Apart: What do you like about being home while we socially distance?

Family: Who's in your family, and who are you living with now? 


Always Careful: What's your favorite way to stay strong and well? 

Why do people get sick?   What can you do to help yourself and others to not get sick?


Missing and loving them. Who do you miss, and who do you wish you could visit first? 

Can’t wait to see you for real.  What's your favorite way to stay connected when you can't visit your friends? 


I need a hug. Do you have a special person or stuffed toy that you prefer hugging? How does that feel?

May they be well. May they be happy: True or False: There are scientists who study happiness. (TRUE!) 
Scientists have proven that when we think kind, happy, and grateful thoughts on purpose; and when we wish happiness, forgiveness, and wellness towards others; and when we do kind deeds: We feel happier! Can you think and send a kind, happy, or thankful thought now?


Feel better? It will be ok. What do you worry about? When you feel angry, sad, or scared, what do you do to feel better? 


I’m sorry. True or False: Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. (TRUE!) Do you remember to say you're sorry, and do you forgive people around you when mistakes are made? How does that feel?


Waiting’s Hard! True or False: It’s hard for everyone to wait. (TRUE!) What do you do when you're feeling impatient?


Isn’t life good? Isn’t Earth an awesome home? Do you like living on our planet? How do you help to take care of our Earth? Can you imagine a better place to live? What would it be like? 


I grew these for you! What can you do today to help someone? What are you best at, and what are you practicing to get better at so you have more to share? 

Thank you! What are you thankful for, and who can you say "Thank-you" to today?

Always together at heart. Picture someone you love and feel the love in your heart. Imagine sending your love to them, from your heart to theirs, wherever they are. Imagine them feeling it and sending it back to you. How does it feel when you feel and send love? 

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