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Inspiration for Creativity Workshops

For Creative Organizations, Corporations, and Schools

Connecting Hearts, Minds, and Bodies to Better Create

       Workshops are customized to your group's needs, and may include: ​

  • Mindfulness and the importance of intention, breath, presence and ease

  • Introduction to basic brain and nervous system science as applies to learning, forming habits, self-regulating, neuroplasticity, reward system, mindset, reducing stress, overcoming trauma, and enhancing creativity and well-being  

  • Improving right and left brain hemisphere communication 

  • Mindfulness practices 

  • Breathing exercises

  • Mindful movement

  • Guided creative visualizations 

  • Creative art prompts 

  • Key factors of the creative process

  • Brainstorming facilitation

  • Encouragement to go out and do what you’re passionate about 

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